The Rotary Day of Dialogue held on November 21, 2015 was a success says those that attended.
A detailed evaluation of the Rotary Day of Dialogue was sent to all particpants. A total of 75 people returned the online evaluation.
This is what they said,
  • The presenters did a good job of being thought provoking.
  • There was a diversity of topics, some of which were more controversial than others.
  • The presentations about club success and focusing on quality vs quantity for membership.
  • The variety and inclusiveness of the presentations.
  • Understanding more about the what, why and how of needed change in Rotary.
  • Hearing people from RI speak about what Is actually happening.
  • Having an excellent moderator, a clear agenda, right staff and the ears of people who can affect change.
  • The provocative questions, hearing the thoughts of the other Rotarians.
  • Very impressive! I really appreciated how much teamwork, organization and planning took place to make this such a successful event.
If you would like a detailed copy of the Day of Dialogue evaluation report please contact Chris Offer at