Posted by Peter Clarke on Apr 20, 2018
We are very pleased to present Nancy Hughes, a 2009 Rotary Service Above Self Award winner (one of only 100 presented worldwide) for StoveTeam International. Nancy's Plenary will be at 2PM on Friday June 1st.

Prior to her work establishing StoveTeam International, she was a stay at home mom.
In 2003 she met Irma, a young woman whose hands had been burned shut after falling into an open cooking fire. Wanting to help, she transformed a small Rotary club project into an effective international charity that has helped develop local factories to produce life-saving, fuel-efficient cookstoves in the developing world.
The Ecocina stoves, designed by StoveTeam, reduce wood usage by 50% and carbon emissions and particulate matter by over 86%. They reduce both burns and respiratory illnesses. In the eight years since StoveTeam International’s inception, the stoves have improved the lives of more than 438,780 individuals in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico.

Her work has been featured in The Rotarian Magazine, Forbes, and on the PBS News hour.
"We hope to see all Rotarians at our District Conference May 31st to June 3rd in Squamish at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park"