Posted by Peter Roaf on Jan 30, 2018
Positive reputation is essential for retaining members, recruiting new ones and attracting sponsors. Measurable, results-oriented communication is at the core of effective leadership. Learn more about it, for yourself and for your club. In response to needs identified by club leaders and by District members, Rotary District 5040 presents three Public Image/Public Relations webinars to provide support to all club members as well as board and committee volunteers in leading their clubs to a high level of trust and reputation among our members and within our communities. Watch for the event announcements coming soon.
Clubs, plan to communicate for results
Communication is leadership. It needs a strategy. Instead of just “sending out stuff” learn how communication strategy is developed alongside your club strategy. Keep the model in mind to achieve positive results as your club communicates with members and your community, from single stories to multi-year projects as you tell the Rotary story.
-- presented by Rotary District 5040 Public Relations Chair, Peter Roaf, Rotary Club of Ladner, February 27. 7:00 pm*
New to your club’s website? Now what?
To build the most effective web presence for your club learn about content strategy, site wide considerations, page design suggestions, type of documents to put on your site and much more. Not a detailed description on how to build sites using ClubRunner, which provides its own training tools, this webinar is more about guidelines and techniques for building club websites with a Rotary focus.
-- presented by Rotary District 5040 Webmaster, Murray Wood, March 6, 7:00 pm
Facebook, social media basics and the buttons you haven't clicked...yet
Facebook is an excellent communications tool for Rotary Clubs that too often goes unused. By learning the basics of the platform, itself, Rotary clubs can harness the power of Facebook to engage current members and reach prospective members. In addition, this webinar will cover the types of content that are most likely to resonate with your target audience, not only on Facebook but also on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.
-- presented by Vancouver Rotoractor Thomas Miller, March 20 7:00 pm