Doug and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you the best of the season.
We all have our own traditions and ways to celebrate this time of year and I think at the heart of all of our celebrations is family and love. Mix in with gratitude and wishing for Peace in our World.
Now, is a time to take a few days and rest, recharge the batteries and reflect on the good deeds done. I know for us we will be sticking close to home with our furry children, and be very thankful for our Rotary family. So far this year we have met so many more of our family members, welcomed many new members and have been truly Inspired by all of the clubs we have visited. There are a couple we have not been to yet, Burns Lake comes to mind and the reason was that when we were scheduled the wildfires in the area were at their peek. So, we send extra special greetings to all of you along with our thanks for all you do to help keep your community safe. We are looking forward to our time together.
Two of my most favorite things is Christmas and being a Rotarian. I love the fact that, at this time of year, everyone takes that extra effort to be kind to each other. There is a sense of calm and peace (as long as you aren’t near a shopping mall)
I love even more the fact that as a Rotarian, my Rotary family and I, are making that extra effort all year long.
Thank you for your efforts to make the world a more peaceful place and especially for joining your hands with ours so we can do it together.
Peace and love to you and yours.
Darcy Long and Doug.
District Governor 2018-2019
Rotary District 5040