Posted on Sep 12, 2022
As the annual District Governor club visits begin, Pat and I have been delighted to meet with clubs and Rotarians throughout our large District and have the in-person exchange that is Rotary at its finest.  We especially look forward to hearing more about what clubs are accomplishing.
You’ll have seen the notice inviting applications for District Governor 2025–26, and the information session scheduled for September 15 at 4:00 pm.  I really recommend that session for anyone who is interested, or might be interested even well into the future, in becoming a District Governor.  If it is a fit in your life, it can be a marvellous and unparalleled opportunity to enrich your Rotary journey and your life as a whole. You may also want to attend if you are thinking about nominating a fellow member.
A note will also be coming to you shortly inviting applications for other District roles – Assistant Governor, Committee chair, Director on the District board.  These are also wonderful opportunities to serve in different ways, and complement the active service that we continue in our clubs. 
Our strength in supporting the Rotary Foundation is indeed legion, both in service and in donations.  I do want to correct something I said last month when I inadvertently overstated last year’s donation total.  We had some erroneous information from Rotary International, but I want to stress that we still achieved over $1 million in total giving, a fantastic total for a District our size, easily a record for this District and one that counts us among the leading Districts world-wide, both in total and especially per-capita giving.
If you haven’t registered for the District conference April 28 to 30, 2023, check it out on the website.  Coming soon will be a short promotional video available for clubs to show, or for members to review on the website.
John Berry
District 5040 Governor