Rotary Club of
Since 1955
35 members

We are known for:
  • To guests and visiting Rotarians…an always friendly welcome
  • To the community we serve…a series of quality annual events, including the Cariboo Craft Beer Festival, Diamond Calcutta, Billy Barker Days Pancake Breakfast, and the Seniors Trip to Barkerville
  • To ourselves…always striving for excellence and rarely being satisfied!
Our Goals for 2016-17:
  • Membership: 5 new Active members (15% increase)
  • Younger, more vibrant membership
  • Increasing member engagement in events and hands-on projects
  • Revealing the secret of Rotary via ever-increasing social media: website, Facebook, Instagram…maybe even Twitter
  • At least one hands-on/hands-dirty project
  • Rotary Foundation giving equivalent to $100 per member
  • One non-luncheon club meeting per month
  • September: hosted the 53rd annual Seniors Trip to Barkerville and Quesnel’s Terry Fox Run
  • November: Rotary Foundation Dinner-Auction
  • March: Cariboo Craft Beer Festival
  • April: “Night in Vegas” Gaming Night
  • May: Diamond Calcutta Ladies Night
  • July: Billy Barker Days Pancake Breakfast
  • October, December, February, April: Super Bingo
Members recognized:
  • Bev Haluschak: somehow always finds the time to contribute and be creative
  • Christy Kennedy: steps up when it’s easier to take a step back
  • Debbie Wiens: only knows how to say “Yes”
To learn more about any of these projects or features:

Simon Turner, Rotary Club of Quesnel