Public Image and Public Relations
When a Rotary club has a positive public image, brand or reputation, current members are motivated to participate in
service above self, prospective members are eager to join and sponsors are willing to support service.
Often too little is known about Rotary in our communities and opportunities are missed. The District Public Image and Public Relations team is here to support our clubs in service near and far and our District’s service on behalf of our clubs.
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Peter Roaf, Chair, Public Image & Public Relations Committee  604-839-1465 (mobile)
Rotary International Vision
Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change
- across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.
Public Image is a top priority of Rotary
Public Image
Our reputation is our brand: what we do and how we do it; "people of action"; "service above self"; 4-way test.
Stop thinking like a conventional marketer to sell Rotary
Start focusing on developing human interest, personal experience
Why should people care about what Rotary has to say?
Do things of value to our members and our communities
Then tell stories, first about value achieved, then your club
Keep telling them with lots of images to build our Brand
Keep using the current Rotary logo in a consistent, professional way to create a “family” look
to build our Rotary Brand, our Public Image, first within the club and then in the community.
stop using the old logo (except for pins) and
replace with current versions
replace and use the current versions of the Rotary logo found
on the Rotary International site under News & Media/Brand Center
and here in ClubRunner when you are formatting
an email, bulletin or page when you click on the Image button
in the formatting bar and find "Rotary Images (locked)"
Public Relations
Plan: Research ► Action Plan ► Communications ► Evaluation
Who do you need to influence so they act in support of the cause?
Awareness ► Understanding ► Commitment ► Action
Start with planned outcome of any service project and its human impact then explain Rotary’s role
+ advertising + posters + community event calendars + presentations to community groups
+ radio and TV + public service announcements
“People of Action” campaign
Use these resources to increase public understanding of Rotary and drive engagement within your community.
set up an account or log in at: > my rotary > brand center > materials > create your own
Public Image and Public Relations resources on this page
of the Rotary District 5040 website at
(see links in column at left)
What is Public Image? Public Relations? Why do our Rotary clubs need to make this a priority?
·        Rotary Effective Public Relations PDF
·        District Public Image Public Relations Committee
·        Rotary Club PR Committee Manual PDF
·        What is Rotary?
·        Rotary Public Image Face Book Page
Your club needs a strategic plan. Then you need communication strategy to act on it, with measurable outcomes and impacts linked to club strategy. Awareness is not an outcome, it’s only the start: stakeholders need to graduate through stages of understanding, commitment and action in achieving strategy.
·        Webinar: Clubs, Plan to Communicate for Results
·        Surveys
·        Rotary Club PR Committee Manual PDF
·        Zone Ideas
·        7 Step Plan for Rotary Club PR
The story of Rotary is told through our many ongoing stories. Focus first on the purpose and results of community service, and international service. Then say what Rotary’s role is in providing the service.
·        The Power of Images: Telling Rotary’s Story through Social Media
·        Telling Our Story
Rotary clubs need to understand and apply the wide range of media in achieving communication strategy.Which media are effective for which target audiences? They need to be set up and branded, then maintained and cultivated to achieve short term and long term outcomes.
·        Webinar: You've been named Club Web Master? Now what?
·        Webinar: Facebook, social media basics
·        Connect Better with Your Local Community Through Facebook
·        The Power of Images: Telling Rotary’s Story through Social Media
·        Rotary's Facebook page
·        Rotary's Twitter page
·        Rotary's Instagram page Rotary's Vimeo channel
·        Rotary's YouTube channel
The communication response when a crisis or emergency hits a club or group of clubs can help serve those impacted and protect our shared
reputation of Rotary. Fast, but effective, response is needed, on standby or in action.
·        Crisis response in social media and PR
The Rotary “brand” is what we do together and how we do it. It is the thought people have when they see the Rotary logo: People of Action, business and professional people giving back to their community, honesty and integrity and fellowship and friendship. It’s in the stories about what we achieve together. The Rotary logo is a symbol or icon of our Rotary brand and needs to appear in all our communications in a professional and consistent way, in keeping with visual identity guidelines.
·        People of Action campaign
·        Rotary Brand
·        Rotary's New Look
·        Rotary Color Palette
·        Rotary Brand Guidelines
·        Rotary Brand Center
·        What is Rotary?
·        Rotary's Voice & Visual Identity Guidelines PDF
·        Telling Our Story
·        Rotary Brand Vendors
·        Rotary Shop
·        Creative Embroidery
·        CRS Marketing
·        Russell Hampton
·        National Awards
·        Rotary Resources
Public Image and Public Relations resources are available through other clubs, our District, our Zone and Rotary International. There are many ways and means of telling our Rotary stories with the desired effect in attracting and retaining members, sponsors and partners in achieving communication strategy and, in turn, club strategy.
·        Rotary Club PR Committee Manual PDF
·        District 5040 Display Booth
·        Rotary Zone 24: Resources
·        Zone resources
·        Zone Ideas
·        Rotary Public Image Face Book Page
·        Rotary International: Resources
·        Rotary's Facebook page
·        Rotary's Twitter page
·        Rotary's Instagram page
·        Rotary's Vimeo channel
·        Rotary's YouTube channel
·        Rotary Resources