District Youth Exchange Chair:  Sue Godey
District 5040 is making a world of difference, our Rotary Clubs sponsor students to many countries around the world and provide them a life changing experience.
Long Term Rotary Youth Exchange students will spend up to a year living with a few host families and attending school in a different country.  Our STEP Program is for those students wishing to do a family to family exchange during the summer months.
Whether it is Rotary's long-term or short-term Youth Exchange programs, the students will learn a new way of living, a great deal about themselves, and maybe even a new language. They will also be an ambassador, teaching people they meet about our country, culture, and ideas. They can help bring the world closer - and make some good friends in the process.
More than 8,000 young people each year have experiences like these through Rotary Youth Exchange. It's the opportunity of a lifetime.
If you are interested to become a Rotary Exchange student, contact a Rotary Clubs in your area and find out more information from D5040 Youth Exchange website, www.d5040youthexchange.ca. You must be between the age of 15 and 17, six months prior to August departure. We will accept club sponsored student applications until the end of October of each year.  Short Term applications are open until January of each year.
Rotary Youth Exchange Program... building world peace and understanding, one student at a time.