District 5040 Public Image & Public Relations Committee

The Rotary logo in all its forms is the symbol of our brand: what we do and the way we do it.

The Public Image of Rotary is, or aims to be,: a dynamic, productive organization which meets real needs in communities at home and around the world through business leaders who share ideas and take action.

When a Rotary club has a positive public image, brand or reputation, current members are motivated to participate in
service above self, prospective members are eager to join and sponsors are willing to support service.
Often too little is known about Rotary in our communities and opportunities are missed. So this committee aims to help
all of us to work together in support of our clubs’ service near and far
and our District’s service on behalf of our clubs.
Public Relations, the other part of this committee, is the process of building and maintaining the Public Image of Rotary.
Committee's Role:
The purpose of the Public Relations and Public Image Committee is to increase the understanding and commitment of various stakeholders, including District and club leaders, District members and their communities in the cause of Rotary and its service projects and activities.
The Public Relations and Public Image Committee in District 5040 provides:
  • communication services for the District;
  • communication consulting and services to clubs and other District committees;
  • training in communications.
Committee's Goals:
In support of the current District 5040 Strategic Plan, the Public Image & Public Relations Committee seeks collaboration and teamwork with District and club leaders in achieving these shared goals.
  1. Rotary members in the District are loyal champions of the valuable impact of Rotary’s service and fellowship on our communities and the world.
  2. Residents of communities are committed to supporting Rotary for its community and international service.
  3. Build the brand of Rotary through consistent and effective use of the visual identity.
  4. Increase club membership and donations through marketing communication.
A 2016 Public Image Survey of club leaders indicated that training in public relations and use of the brand was needed, so this committee has been developing training to meet that need.
For questions, concerns or requests for assistance, please contact:
Peter Roaf
Chair, Public Relations & Public Image Committee
604-839-1465 (mobile)