District Training Committee

The district trainer’s responsibilities are to

Serve as chair of the district training committee and assign responsibilities for training meetings and functions as necessary,including:
  • Managing training in the district
  • Communicating with other district committees involved in  training meetings
  • Consulting with RI and Rotary Foundation appointees, including: 
    • Regional Rotary Foundation coordinator (RRFC),
    • Endowment/Major Gift Advisor (E/MGA),
    • Rotary coordinators (RC)
    • Rotary public image  coordinators (RPIC)
  • Work with the district governor and governor-elect to:
    • Implement the training program developed by the meeting convener
    • Identify seminar training leaders
    • Determine what training methods will convey key concepts
  • Work with the governor-elect to promote the grant management seminar
  • Support club trainers as needed