iEmpowerment aims to train a million community health care workers through education, skills development, reference guides and applications on USB memory sticks. The goal is to deliver the program through members in every Rotary and Rotaract Club in Africa. The Rotary Club of Pemberton’s Pat Montani invites Rotarians and Rotoractors in District 5040 to join a network of i-Champions in 30 Rotary and Rotaract Clubs already distributing the iEmpowerment resources to achievement significant impact on the health and well-being of many of Rotary’s communities.
Pat Montani, of the Rotary Club of Pemberton, reports that the club and our District 5040 support iEmpowerment, which aims to train a million community health care workers through education, skills development, reference guides and applications on USB memory sticks, now, in particular, throughout Africa.
iEmpowerment, according to Pat, is building a network of Rotaractors, called i-Champions, in many Rotary Districts which already have a large number of them in action. The i-Champion Rotaractors and Rotarians are distributing iEmpowerment’s education /skills development content and health care reference guides and applications.
These are delivered on USB memory sticks that can become the centre for training a million community health care workers and enable opportunity for everyone. Additionally, the i-Champions will make people aware of the ‘free’ university at iEmpowerment.
Building the i-Champions program will encourage others to join Rotary and help retain current members as they see the ability to benefit their community and to develop opportunity for themselves. Below are the detailed benefits of the program

Contact myself, Pat Montani , or Monty Richardson to get involved in this exciting initiative, brought to you by people who have built sustainable opportunity in Africa thru our Bicycles for Humanity Program. 
iEmpowerment Champion
An iEmpowerment Champion is dedicated to improving their community while generating opportunity for themselves.
Good is done for the community by:
  • Copying and distributing the iEmpowerment memory sticks
  • Making people aware of the iEmpowerment university by sharing the URL
  • Showing others how to use the memory sticks
  • Teaching health care workers how to use the health care data collection app.
Opportunity is developed for the i-Champions by:
  • Learning to use the iEmpowerment technology
  • Using the iEmpowerment logos, content and selling methodology to seek opportunity
Benefits to Rotary:
  • Membership building, interaction and retention
  • Showcasing the power of Rotary to benefit communities

The obligations to become an iEmpowerment Champion are to agree to:
  1. Pass the iEmpowerment Entrepreneur Course(email or for the link)
  2. Agree to copy and distribute iEmpowerment memory sticks
  3. Inform others of iEmpowerment and its program

The Benefits of being an iEmpowerment Champion
  • Aid your community
  • Generate income and new opportunities for yourself
  • Be a member of a quickly expanding team of Champions generating opportunity and making change
  • Learn a new set of skills to do good and create financial opportunity