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Rotaract Club of Burnaby members helping out at the Eagle Creek Salmon Release

The Rotaract Club of Burnaby has had a past few busy months. During April, we helped out at the Eagle Creek Salmon Release which was organized by the Eagle Creek Streamkeepers. This is a family event in which salmon are released into the creek in the hopes of helping the salmon population recover, and it is also an opportunity to educate people on the salmon life cycle and sustainability. This is an event which will participate in annually, having a table where we do face painting and crafts, as well as helping hand out salmon to be released.

For ongoing activities, we continue to help out with the Salvation Army's mobile soup kitchen twice a month, which continues to be an extremely rewarding experience. We have also recently started volunteering at Earth Apple Farm Earth Apple Farm is a small-scale sustainable organic farm located in the Fraser River floodplains of South Burnaby. Most of us have never worked on a farm before so it is a great way to see and be a part of the food production process, and get our hands dirty!

Our club was heavily involved with the Rotaract District 5040's roundtrip, PACE. Two of the three primary organizers, Rachel Li and Denise Le, are members of the Rotaract Club of Burnaby. I'd like to thank both of them for all of the time and effort they put in towards ensuring that PACE ran smoothly. I will refer you to the article about PACE in this newsletter for more information, but one stand out event that took place during PACE was helping out at the RCMP Musical Ride. We did face painting, had an information booth providing information about Rotaract and Rotary, and helped sell 50/50 tickets. Everyone had a fabulous time, and the 50/50 sales raised $2594!