(Above picture: Gerry, Mrs. Richwa, and Michael Jacobson)


February 13th, 2007 was a very big day for Rotaractors in our District. District Governor Kevin Conway made the announcement of the Bill Richwa Award of Excellence to honour one of our great Rotarian and to recognize our youth leaders, Rotaractors, in their effort and desire to serve others.


This District Rotaract Award has been part of the strategic plan to raise profile of the Rotaract program our district, community, and worldwide. We hope this Award will build relationship and understanding with Rotarians. By recognizing Rotaractors, we are honouring our future leaders, our partners in Service, to making a better community and world together. Together we will serve better to others.


Thank for those who are involved to make this possible. Thank to Gerry, Mrs. Richwa, and the family to allow us to use Bill Richwa's name for the Award of Excellence. Please enjoy and review the details of this special award for Youth Leaders.


In Rotary We Serve,
Jim Ling Rotary 5040 District Rotaract Program Chairman 2005 - 2007